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"Make sure decisions are fact-based, not faith-based"
[Steve Blank e Bob Dorf, The Startup Owner’s Manual]




We consult and give support for the start up of new Businesses in foreign markets: Market Researches, Competitor Analysis, Consumer Buying Behavior Analysis, Concept Creating Defining And Fine-Tuning, Procedures Standardization, Location Analysis and Research, Feasibility Studies, Events Organisation And Management, Business Development, Support To Involved Professionals.

We always think the new businesses as they were scalable and replicable models: a standardised structure that rests on solid bases can be more easily and more profitably replied in other markets.



We dealing with projects both for new products or services and for internationalisation projects that feature already existing and estabilished products or services.
We manage staffs with different skills able to ensure to carryout the projects they're involved in.
Besides, we are ourselves part of the staff, each one with our own competences, so guaranteeing the control of the operative steps, with competence, clearness, transparence and respecting  costs, schedules and quality.

(Good) Ideas are not enough. We have to translate them in actions to get to the goal.



We study and draught the Marketing Plan tailored to the referring market and above all we decline it accordingly to the operative needs of the point of sales.
We point out the actions directly linked to the business development, taiolred upon company's features and upon the goals to reach.
We test the ideas, monitor the results, and we are ready to fine-tuning the Plan
Our activity spreads to Web Marketing and Social Media Marketing mainly to build, improve and maintain the brand reputation.
Thanks to  our networking skill, we can manage the events strictly linked to the premises.



We give support to the companies that are willing to relocate (internationalise) ideas, products, opportunities, blending strategic analysis, marketing and sales.

One of our best feature is the network development skill, milestone for the development of commercial relations.
Besides we dealing with franchising project with an international perspective, both new businesses (pilot-projects with test/fine-tuning/modification to be developed in a near future) and estabilished chains which intend to enter new markets.





“People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, make them.”
[George Bernard Shaw]






“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”
[Andrew Carnegie]

2 Square - Italia

2 Square provides a turnkey service: the company manages on an international scale all the phases of the project, from the preliminary design to the delivery to the customer.

Allianz Team Italia - Austria

Paolo Gerosimi, da più di 20 anni consulente e agente per Allianz e da 2 anni in Austria e il suo team di specialisti con un forte background tecnico e giuridico, possono trovare sempre la soluzione più adatta per soddisfare le esigenze di ogni tipo di cliente, privato o azienda.

D4 Image srls - Italia

D4 Image srls Italia nasce con l’intento di dare un servizio completo a privati ed aziende per quello che riguarda l’immagine in senso lato che va dalla fotografia alla grafica e l’immagine in rendering di elevato livello qualitativo sia per uso immobiliare che commerciale.

Gambuzza Ingenieur Büro – Austria

Gambuzza Ingenieur Büro – Austria - Consulenze, Redazione di progetti preliminari ed esecutivi integrati (Architettonico, Edile, Tecnologico, Strutturale) con relativa  documentazione per l'affidamento dei lavori, Assistenza presso gli enti competenti per l'ottenimento di permessi, Direzione dei lavori.

T.M.T. - Italia

T.M.T. (Trade Marketing Team) Italia nasce per rispondere all'esigenza delle aziende di affrontare in modo corretto la profonda trasformazione in atto nella struttura distributiva italiana, fornendo ad esse un supporto professionale specialistico. La nostra società è infatti in grado di ricercare le strategie commerciali più efficaci ed attuali, complementari od alternative a quelle tradizionali, idonee a proporsi sul mercato con il massimo livello di competitività.

Ubis Three - Italia

UbisThree e' un laboratorio creativo che opera nel mondo della comunicazione e del design, nato dall'unione di due realta' con oltre vent'anni di storia: Ubis, studio di design e comunicazione ed All Three, agenzia di marketing e comunicazione.





<h4>Pes.co Wien</h4>

Pes.co Wien



<h4>Scala - Ristorante Pizzeria</h4>

Scala - Ristorante Pizzeria

<h4>Canella S.p.a. - Stand VInitaly</h4>

Canella S.p.a. - Stand VInitaly

<h4>Cantine Collalto - Stand VInitaly</h4>

Cantine Collalto - Stand VInitaly

<h4>Ligusto - Bar, Restaurant, Grill</h4>

Ligusto - Bar, Restaurant, Grill

<h4>Progetto Vega - Ristorazione Moderna</h4>

Progetto Vega - Ristorazione Moderna

<h4>Hotel Eurorest & Ristorante 331</h4>

Hotel Eurorest & Ristorante 331

<h4>Progetto Collio è - Osterie</h4>

Progetto Collio è - Osterie

<h4>Tucano Urbano - Retail</h4>

Tucano Urbano - Retail

<h4>MARySEA - Restaurant</h4>

MARySEA - Restaurant

<h4>Zorzi NYC - Italian Restaurant</h4>

Zorzi NYC - Italian Restaurant

<h4>Interno7 - Cocktail Bar</h4>

Interno7 - Cocktail Bar

<h4>Piola - Pizzerie Italiane</h4>

Piola - Pizzerie Italiane





2010 - Now

2010 - Now

I moved to Austria to live with my family, and I kept on working as a freelance consultant (project management, business development). Just an example: Pes.co Wien
2009 - 2010

2009 - 2010

Back from the U.S., I started to manage my Lounge Bar once again, and at the same time I started collaborating with important Companies in the Ho.Re.Ca. field dealing with Project Management, Business Development, Marketing and Entertainment.
2006 - 2009

2006 - 2009

An important Industrialist asked me a Consulting Service to open up a Restaurant outside Italy. After one year of researches and business analysis, I moved to Manhattan, New York, for three years to open up and launch a huge Restaurant in the shadow of the Empire State Building. I was the General Manager, responsible for the whole project. Check: La Cucina Veneta vola a New York // New York Times: Off the Menu
2003 - 2005

2003 - 2005

With two partners I opened up my first Lounge Bar, Interno7, dealing of everything from marketing to management, to operations. With my partners we open and manage other three places (Esterno7 - Grill, Inside Seven - Bar & Cocktail Bar, Fresco d'Estate - Cocktail Bar, Il Barco della Zonca – Restaurant). I've been dealing mostly with Management and Strategic Marketing
1999 - 2003

1999 - 2003

At Piola I started as a waiter but soon (after 3 months I was dealing with events management, markeiting (entertainment, comunication, advertising) and store management as a vice-manager (HR, Operations, Suppliers etc.) Besides that, first as an employee, then as a partner, I managed a NewCo in the Information Technology field, mostly dealing with Internet Project Management, Web Marketing, Accounting.
1996 - 1999

1996 - 1999

After having graduated in Economy at the Venice University (March 1996) with a Marketing Thesis (Title: Nightclub Management: Marketing and Communication Problems), I started working with an important International Franchising Company, Piola Pizzerie, starting from the scratch to get the first knowledges about my current working field.







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